Private Sessions

Adult brown white border collie run very fast in training day. Happy dog jump side view.
Mature woman walks with a dog in summer in green nature environment
Funny photo of a bad dog with paws on kitchen counter looking at a roasted chicken with big excited eyes

You are looking for professional support because your dog:

  • pulls on the leash on your walks?
  • does not come back to you when called?
  • jumps up on you or your guests?
  • has got a high prey drive?
  • begs at the table or is a counter-surfer?
  • constantly consumes things that are lying on the floor?
  • shows reactive behavior on the leash?
  • reacts fearfully or aggressively towards people or other dogs?
  • has separation anxiety?

Are you a first-time dog owner or a puppy is about to move into your home and you just want to do everything right from the start?

Then let`s get started!

The Private Sessions will take place at your home or in the surrounding area. Because this is usually the place where the “problem behavior” occurs. Also, your dog can concentrate best in his familiar environment.

Please feel free to contact me here.

During an initial appointment, we will get to know each other, analyze your dog’s behavior and talk about your goals.

Following this, you can schedule a training session. I will create a training plan based on your goals, your lifestyle and of course your dog’s needs.

Follow up – sessions can be booked afterwards, if requested.


initial appointment (lump sum): 50 €*

training session (45 – 60 min.): 80 €*

* plus travel expenses:

  • up to 20 km are included
  • more than 20 km: 0,30 € per kilometer

Upon request, for a fee of 20 €, you will receive a written summary of the goals and training steps discussed in the particular session.