Separation Anxiety

Do you have an uneasy feeling about leaving your dog alone?

Does he bark or howl during your absence and you already get complaints from the neighbors?

You find things destroyed when you return?

Do you live in constant worry that your dog is anxious and unhappy without you?

What is separation anxiety?

You are not alone. Separation anxiety affects many dogs. What they experience when humans leave, is comparable to a panic attack.

We still do not know for sure why dogs have separation anxiety in the first place. Traumatic experiences seem to be a possible trigger. But also genetic factors play a role according to current studies.

Whatever the reason is, these two things are certain:

  • It is not your fault!
  • Your dog can recover from it!

But without treatment, separation anxiety does get worse over time. That’s why it’s important to address the problem. The treatment is not a quick fix. It takes time, but the results of the protocol show that it is well worth it.

We can show your dog to be relaxed during alone time. Imagine coming home to a dog that happily snoozed during your absence.

Get your life back and get help from an expert.

CSAT`s are the leading experts when it comes to separation anxiety. They have received more than 100 hours of intensive education, high-level coursework, and passed exams with a high standard, proving the understanding and successful application of the treatment for separation anxiety.

Working with a CSAT ensures that you get evidence-based coaching as you and your trainer work through your dog’s separation anxiety. With a compassionate and empathetic approach, you will be supported throughout the separation anxiety training process.

A big advantage of working with CSATs is that they offer virtual training! This means you can get the support you need for the separation anxiety training process from anywhere in the world.

This is the 4-week online program

What you get:

  • a complimentary 30-minute initial phone call
  • a 1 to 1,5 hour initial assessment via Zoom, where I am going to see where your dog`s starting point is
  • 4 live online meetings on zoom lasting around 30 to 60 minutes each, where we will see your dog`s process and have time to answer your questions
  • a customized training protocol for you and your dog, based on your dog’s needs and progress. It consists of:
    • 4 so-called “missions” per week, which are detailed step-by-step instructions, exactly tailored to your dog
    • coaching and feedback on your dog’s progress on the “mission” days
    • updates to your training log on “mission” days, based on your dog’s progress
  • Access to our system where you and I can track progress and data. Since behavior is always in motion, our data tracking helps you get an objective overview of your dog’s progress. This also allows us to recognize patterns and react to the smallest nuances.
  • the collective support of your CSAT`s community of experts from around the world, keeping an eye on your individual case.
  • personal “cheerleading” and coaching throughout your journey – we are with you every step of the way

Cost: 599 Euro

Additional 4-week packages can be booked for the reduced price of 549 Euro.

Are you ready for relief?

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety and you would like to consider working with me, please fill out the following questionnaire. I look forward to assessing your case and seeing how I can help you!